Wheel Balancing Services

At Rodgers, we’re all about keeping your vehicle in pristine condition. To make that happen, much like with our many other available services, we perform wheel balancing and alignments with pinpoint precision and accuracy. We leave nothing to chance and pay close attention to how your vehicle will handle once it leaves our shop. Backed by a team of experienced professionals committed to total quality control, you can count on us to carry out work on your wheels and tires correctly and in a punctual manner.

Wheel Balancing vs. Wheel Alignment

As your vehicle continues to rack up those kilometres, its wheels bear the brunt of the heavy lifting. That means, over time, there can be a lot of wear and tear on treads, resulting in shifts in weight distribution. This can create unwanted vibrations when in motion, making for a less-smooth ride. Having a wheel balancing done every 5,000 to 10,000 kilometres also decreases the potential for forms of damage, which would result from vibrations putting strain on various parts and components over time.
Wheel alignment is a different process entirely, focusing on rotational performance and how each wheel’s behaviour affects the rest on your frame. We carefully inspect and test to ensure all four are rotating in full synchronization, reducing the risk of slips and losses of control while maintaining equal forward momentum. That also means no more squealing tires, uneven tire wear or crooked steering.


What’s Included?

Your Rodgers wheel balancing and alignment experience is designed to ensure we cover all of the angles. Literally. That way, you don’t have to. This service includes the following:

  • Tire and wheel removal
  • Mounting wheels on high-grade equipment
  • Spinning and weight tests to identify, locate and address any balance or rotational issues
  • Lead weight attachment for weight compensation purposes
  • Remounting and final inspection


Wheel Balancing in Ottawa, the Rodgers Way

When you come in for your wheel balancing, you can be assured of total transparency and regular updates on service progress. If something is amiss, we’ll fill you in. Our wheel balancing and alignment experts work tirelessly to maximize the performance potential of every vehicle they service, helping to ensure longer-term efficiency in addition to your confidence in our work. Plus, as your Audi specialist in Canada’s Capital, you benefit from our trained experts with years of experience – we’ll help you get the very most out of your high-performance ride.
Since 2012, Rodgers has been a name synonymous with dependable, no-nonsense service. We love what we do, and our customers certainly seem to love us for it! If you’re in need of a trusted local repair shop for your wheel balancing and alignment, don’t just flip a coin on your top candidates – choose Rodgers and win every time. Contact us today to book your wheel balancing appointment.