Unitronic Turbo-Back Exhaust System for 8V A3 Quattro (UH029-EXA)

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Features / Benefits

  • 3-inch T304 Stainless Steel Tubing:
    Quality Material that will not rust and will outlast your vehicle
  • Direct Bolt-On with OEM Mounting Locations:
    Use all factory exhaust hanger and doesn’t require any modification or adjustment
  • T316 stainless steel v-band flanges:
    Durable and rust proof, and cnc machined
  • Smooth 80mm to 76.2mm turbo to downpipe transition:
    Assure a smooth flow transition between Turbine housing and 3” Stainless steel piping
  • Locked V-Band Rotation:
    Securing downpipe to the engine assure no possible v-band flange rotation during hard acceleration.
  • Factory Position 200-cell Metallic Matrix High-Flow Catalyst:
    For maximum efficiency.
  • OEM-inspired catalytic converter heat shield:
    Help to reduce radiant heat in the engine bay
  • OEM Oxygen Sensor Placement
    No need for O2 sensor extension or modification of the wiring harness.
  • TIG Welded Construction:
    Professionally hand welded to ensure longevity, resistance and leak proof.
  • 4-inch Corrugated Stainless Steel Flex Section
    High quality flex with inner interlock that will stay leak proof for years. It allows engine movement without stressing the factory rubber mounts.
  • Unique V-Band Fastening System Featuring Clampco® Clamps:
    Maintain a perfect alignment every time while insuring a leak proof connection every time. Fully reusable and quick install.
  • Sound Reflection Chamber Technology:
    Sound reflection chamber used to cancel unwanted sound frequency and ensure a deep tone.
  • Sound Absorbtion Technology:
    Perforated chamber packed with High quality and durable high temperature Fiberglass wool. Assure a deep tone and unwanted frequency absorption.
  • Straight-Through, Free Flowing Muffler Design:
    Optimal performance achieved by removing restriction and reducing back pressure.
  • 3.5-inch Double Walled Polished Exhaust Tips:
    Mirror polished tips engraved with the Unitronic Logo

    Hardware Included

    • Unitronic 3" Catatlytic Converter Section
    • Unitronic 3" Flex Section
    • Unitronic 3" Link Section
    • Unitronic 3" Mid-Pipe w/ Resonator
    • Unitronic 3" Rear Section w/ Muffler
    • Unitronic 3" V-Band Exhaust Clamps
    • Unitronic 3" V-Band Sealing Rings
    • All Necessary Hardware Included

    Required Software

    • Stage 2
    • Stage 2+

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