Unitronic Supercharger Pulley Upgrade Kit for 3.0TFSI (UH004-BTA)

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For Clients interested in upgrading their vehicle equipped with the 3.0TFSI engine to the next level, Unitronic's Supercharger Pulley Upgrade effectively raises boost levels by increasing the speed in which the supercharger spins at, allowing for additional airflow to be ingested by the engine. Without a corresponding Software calibration to make use of the increased boost levels, the system will simply bleed off excessive boost resulting in no benefits.

Unitronic has developed corresponding Stage 2+ Performance Software for use with its Supercharger Pulley Upgrade to provide its users with an increase in maximum power!

Hardware Included

  • Unitronic Pulley
  • OEM Belt

Required Hardware

  • Pulley Removal Tool Kit