Fuel Injector Services

Every time you press the accelerator, you deserve to know that your vehicle’s fuel injector is working properly. Let the team at Rodgers determine its condition for you at our dedicated fuel injector repair shop in Ottawa. If you want to leave those frustrating days of misfires, poor acceleration and otherwise behind for good, we’re glad to help with prompt, quality-focused service you can trust.

Why Fuel Injector Servicing Matters

The fuel injector is what dictates the amount of acceleration your vehicle can provide when you press that gas pedal. That pedal controls how much air is let into the throttle valve, and onboard electronics control the amount of fuel that is let in, mixed and ignited to propel you forward. If your injector system is clogged, dirty or worn-out for whatever reason, you may experience trouble accelerating, rough idling, or even misfires that can lead to engine damage. That’s why it’s important to turn to experienced repair professionals to accurately diagnose and address any problems with your system.

How it Works

We begin by inspecting vital components in your fuel injector system, working to identify any problem areas that could be leading to performance issues. Then, we’ll move in with specialized cleaning equipment to remove nozzle buildup, check pressure and volume of pumps and regulators, and more. We’ll also take a good look and, if necessary, repair fuel lines, throttle-related components, filters, rails, and more. Finally, we’ll inspect your sensors to determine whether they’re performing as they should before capping off the service with a final general inspection of the areas we worked on.

Air Intake Cleanings

Rodgers prides itself on top-quality service you can depend on, even for high-performance European vehicles. Our reputation as a trusted Audi servicing team comes with a great deal of knowledge in how to care for such high-end vehicles as well as other European models. Audi, BMW and Volkswagen vehicles can benefit from our thorough cleanings of primary and secondary air intake, exhaust and injection systems in addition to other fuel injection repairs in Ottawa. That way, we can ensure you get back on the road quickly, safely and with peace of mind.
Are you ready to get the maximum performance possible out of your vehicle? Whether you’re in need of a nozzle cleaning with state-of-the-art equipment and techniques or require more extensive repairs, Rodgers’ fuel injection repair shop is open for business. Book your appointment today!