Alternator & Starter Services

It starts your engine. It keeps the music going on your favourite radio station. It keeps you safe on – and off – the road in inclement weather. Your vehicle’s alternator is a critical component that needs to be kept in good condition. Fortunately, the Rodgers team is highly experienced in repairing and servicing electrical systems such as these. From cable connections to drive belt fixes, we’ve got you covered.

Why Alternator Servicing Matters

As part of a trio of critical electrical components, the others being the battery and voltage regulator, your vehicle’s alternator needs to reliably generate power for components such as headlights, instrument panels, and air conditioning to function properly. Think of it as your car’s personal power plant; if there’s a problem with your alternator, you can bet that there will be problems with these and other electrical components. That can include everything from windshield wiper performance efficiency in the pouring rain to infotainment displays and keyless entry operations, and sometimes, your starter may be affected. Getting your alternator inspected and repaired by a trained professional enables you to sidestep such issues more easily.

What’s Included?

Rodgers’ expert technicians are ready to maximize your alternator’s reliability and cut down on maintenance worries by verifying its condition. We carry out our dedicated services for this component in the following ways:

  • Initial, detail-focused visual inspection
  • Checks to ensure ideal bolt and bracket placement/condition
  • Electrical hookup tests
  • Drive belt inspection
  • Further testing to ensure current and voltage meet established standards by the manufacturer


Alternator Repairs in Ottawa, the Rodgers Way

We’re passionate about getting things right, and alternator repairs are no joke to our team. Rodgers takes pride in our approach to servicing such critical components, testing, inspecting and re-testing to ensure you’re getting optimal performance and reliability out of your vehicle. We want for you to be able to count on the performance of your onboard electrical systems, and to make that happen, we focus on superior-quality workmanship so you can count on us.
Our goal at Rodgers is to deliver great results so you can have a great drive. With our alternator repairs in Ottawa, our knowledgeable technicians know what it takes to keep your vehicle running at peak performance capacity. Plus, as one of the area’s most respected Audi specialists, even owners of higher-tier vehicles such as the A8 and TT Coupe can benefit from our dependable service. Contact us today to book your appointment, and let’s get you back on the road with renewed confidence in your investment.